Blackjack Varianten

The multi-faceted variants of blackjack

In most casinos, blackjack is  considered the absolute favorite in the popular card gambling category  . Among the numerous blackjack variations, the  Spanish 21 Blackjack  and Blackjack tournaments are particularly popular. Usually blackjack is played at a table that resembles a semicircle.

During the game, the croupier, who is also referred to by the players as a dealer , dealer, or banker, sits on the even side of the table. The goal of the game is that the players with two or more cards approach 21 points, more than the croupier itself. However, the  21-point value must  not be exceeded.

The card values:

  • At your discretion, the aces count 1 or 11 points
  • The 2s to the 10s are according to their eyes
  • Face cards like Jack, Queen and King count 10 points

Pontoon Blackjack

The originating from England original was very popular in private circles played. In casinos Pontoon was less present. Contrary to the german game variant 17 and 4 there are no parts at Pontoon and the ace always counts after 11 – two aces as blackjack. The Pontoon variant has evolved from parts of the French card game „Vingt et un“ and is clearly one of the oldest versions of the blackjack.

 blackjack variants

Spanish 21 Blackjack

In the entire map deck of the blackjack version Spanish 21 are no 10s available.
Die Spielregeln sind überaus flexibel – aus diesem Grund macht es durchaus Sinn, wenn man bei Spanish 21 von recht vielen Spielvarianten ausgeht. Sowohl die wichtigste als auch wahrscheinlich die bedeutendste Eigenschaft hierbei ist, dass bemerkenswert oft der Spieler (wenn er mit fünf oder auch mehr Karten gewinnt) als Gewinner hervorgeht – dies gilt bei dieser Variante auch dann als Regelfall, wenn die Bank ein Blackjack vorliegen hat. Wer Blackjack Spanish 21 in einem der Online Casinos von spielen möchte, sollte sich vorher über die Anwendungsregeln informieren und sein Können alternativ im Spielgeld-Modus trainieren. Da Spanish 21 dem größten Teil der Spieler viel Spaß macht, kann man mit dieser Blackjack-Variante auf jeden Fall einmal sein Glück versuchen.

Blackjack Turniere

Blackjack tournaments enjoy a great popularity and that, although they are – in fact – not really a perfect blackjack variant. As a rule, blackjack is played in the tournaments as it is usually known – either the player wins or loses. However, in the end, the player who makes the most winnings rises in the following round. For this reason, it is in terms of strategic decisions quite wise and advisable that you pay attention to the sometimes special style of playing the teammates. Since the blackjack tournaments often quite a few, very excellent players compete, the one or the other can still learn some interesting subtleties and refinements.